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About me

 I worked as a Primary School Teacher for seventeen years, mostly teaching 9 to 11-year-olds and have over 20 years voluntary sports coaching experience. I LOVE the power of sports and books and how they can inspire young people. My lovely friend Rich passed away recently, leaving his incredible wife and three amazing children. Parts of the story are inspired by his tragic passing, and I hope the themes explored in my story will give strength and guide younger children who have also lost a loved one.  I also hope it will inspire young people to read for pleasure and to get out and play the sports that they enjoy.


I live in Bristol with my fabulous family, spending my working time tutoring children who cannot be in school and writing my books.  For fun, I enjoy all sports and anything that can be done in the great outdoors!


My debut novel, 'The Life of Riley - Unbreakable' is available to pre-order from as well as from Amazon and all the usual online bookstores.  It was released on 28 February 2024.


The follow-up book, 'The Life of Riley - Back From the Brink', will be available in August 2024.


The Life of Riley - Unbreakable

Riley Adams has three passions in life: family, friends and football. Despite often finding school difficult, Riley finds happiness in friendships with his ‘band of brothers and sisters’, who play for his beloved Highfield Flyers FC.

Riley and the Flyers learn to play together and focus, bringing them great moments and taking them close to glory. Rivalries form and the desire to win grows until…

Riley’s world is turned upside down when his mum receives life-changing news.

Can he really care about football again? What will happen to Mum? How will he cope with life now?

Coming 28 August...Riley is back!

Riley Adams and his beloved Highfield Flyers FC are back for a new season, with the chance to erase the painful memory of his critical penalty miss the last time he pulled on the golden Flyers shirt.


However, Riley struggles to cope with football, the final year at primary school and, most of all, supporting his terminally ill Mum. When the dreaded day arrives, he is overcome by grief and devastated by the knowledge that she won’t be there anymore. Nothing seems worthwhile: not even football. Can anything bring him back from the brink?


With support from his aunt and uncle, teachers, loyal friends and teammates, and his incredible coach, Ted Bristow, Riley somehow finds the strength to face the world and get back on the pitch. Old rivalries are renewed, exciting opportunities arise, and the Flyers play themselves to the brink of glory.


Can Riley lead his team to the league title they so desperately desire? Can he truly come to terms with life without Mum? Ultimately, it’s her strength inside him that provides the answer…